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Shop Bella Cosa~

Hi, Friends!

theOutfit had a bit of inventory left over from closing the shop. There's a great shop Bella Cosa in Long Beach who has lovingly taken our inventory under their wings. It's a great shop selling lots of beautiful wares for the home, baby, kids, jewelry and amazing gifts. It's an eco-shop, selling eco-minded items and lots of handmade, local goods, too. Please stop by and say hello, and think of them when doing any shopping you may have!

I picked up a really cool beaker-inspired ceramic vase while I was there last. Next up is an amazing leaf-shaped glass windchime.

Here's info.

See you there! Thanks!


Working Title.

I have a lot to say.

Why this is a problem:
1. I have no real issue to address.
    a) there's no problem to solve.
    b) I'm not helping anyone out with  my  blather.
2. I have no platform upon which to say all I have to say.
3. I can't commit.
4. I'm busy. Have no time.
5. Who even cares?

But I still have it spilling forth, boring my husband and dear friends who listen to me patiently and kindly before trying to change the subject to something a little less... Angie-centric. (thank you dear friends, you are so kind.)

So... to ease my pain (or theirs), I have started a new blog about why I don't do everything I want to do. I have a lot of interests, but as noted above in item #3, I don't commit.   I easily commit to the people I love. A few causes I really do care about. I have been vegetarian for 20 years now, that accounts for something. My only cheat was frosted Pop-Tarts while I was pregnant. (Gelatin, the silent cheat.) But when it comes to hobbies, jobs... yeah, I am just so wishy-washy. Plus, #4 is a vivid reminder that I have 3 kids under 5. And then there's reason #5. I like to pretend anyone cares. In my little imaginary world I have people of all ages, in all cubbies of the world, laughing and thinking of me warmly.

But, anyway,  I'm going to try and commit to this. And make time. And continue to believe someone gives a rat's patoot.

Enjoying the things I don't actually do.

The idea came about accidentally and collaboratively. I joined a writing group with some people from my church. It's led by a wonderful woman who's a teacher, writer and very savvy gal, Ms. Lo. We were given a simple task - to write something in a week. Anything. Ms. Lo even gave us a lengthy list of very do-able suggestions. Still, I didn't do it.

So I went on my rant about why I didn't do it. And people were laughing, making me feel pretty good about my reasons. Giving suggestions... getting shot down. So on the way home my dear friend Jacquie said "I'd like to read a blog about why you don't write."


This is my angle, my intention, my reason. I'm excited to share this with a lot of people, so if you read this blog, please read Working Title.

See you there!


Moment of Clarity.

I had one moment of enlightenment. I was thinking... This is the first time I'm not working. Ever. Since I got my first job at the Gap when I was 15 at the Tri-County Mall in a Cincinnati suburb. Wow.

"Full Time Mom" is a nomenclature that confuses me. Even when a mom is working, at home or away at an office, is she any less a Mom? You can't really be Part-Time. I don't get that. In fact, I don't like it. I've been Full Time Mom since the moment I got pregnant, as far as I can tell! Even if the kids were with Daddy or even a babysitter, they are always at the front of my thoughts. I don't just check out. Most moms are in that same boat. I feel sad knowing there are moms who don't have this way of thinking, really.

I started thinking this because I was filling out paperwork at a new doctor and was asked for my profession. I said "I'm just a Mom." and that sentence made me sad! Just a mom... that really down-plays the whole thing, no? My whole life is mothering! So I tried to think of a new title. Tried to get crafty with it.
Manager of Household Relations.
Minister of Master Scheduling for Residents and Dependants.
Curator of Goings-Ons.

Then, I heard it like chimes... ringing softly in the distance...


I love it! I make home! I give my family a place of security, comfort, love, laughter, learning. We come together to play, to share meals. To learn about living in this world that can be scary and confusing. We teach each other in so many ways. We have our friends in our home, to love, to be loved. It's a beautiful life. I'm so proud.


The best two days.

I closed down the website. It's official.

And good timing; the past two days of being Mom have been the best. EVER. Nothing special, really, other than just spending time with my kids, talking, walking, picnicking, nursing, laughing... being. Just being. It feels so good!

Thanks again for all of your support, and please keep this blog bookmarked or followed or what have you; there will be updates on events, craft fairs, new projects, etc. Let's keep in touch!


Closing Shop

Esmé Blue, 3 weeks old

Now that I'm getting to know baby Blue, I can't imagine missing any moment of her wonder, her sadness, or her adventures. Seeing Elliette, now 4 1/2, and Emmett, coming up on 3, learn so much so fast is something I can't even fathom not being 100% involved in.

So, this is the end. For now, at least.

And there's more to the story, I'll share for those interested.

When Emmett was, say 9ish months old, I realized I could do it! Read the beginning here.
It was fun. I loved being in the store, I loved sharing the space with The Kids...

Then last year I found out we were to be a family of 5. I had big plans for the Outfit. But I left it in the hands of the Big Man and it became clear I should leave the store. But the website remained. I hoped it would keep the momentum I had built over the short time of being in business. Truth is, it didn't. The "interweb" threw me a learning curve I couldn't work around (seriously, folks, my Mom and her iPhone are waaay ahead of me in the tech world. I use a paper receipt book for goodness' sake!)

But more than that, I didn't enjoy working on the computer. I don't like it, other than blogging here and there, and checking the other great blogs I love to read, and "window shopping" leisurely. You get the point. I have no contact with customers, I don't get the personal connection. I had one customer call me for help with a gift and that was the one sale that made me smile and put a spring in my step. I decided, this isn't for me. I was taking time away from the family, and for naught.

So here we are.

The good news, for you, is that things are marked down a whole lot - and the good news will be for me if you, dedicated & loving population, buy it!

I'm sure I'll use this blog for other personal endeavors up-coming. We're thinking we may do limited runs of T-shirts or other printed goods, maybe for the home, even. So you'll hear from us again. Until then, enjoy the sweet sounds of the squawk of the Bluebird.

With love,



These portraits take the cake...

... or... the cookie....

Our wonderful and beautiful friend Linzy made us some family portrait cookies. I haven't been able to eat the Esmé cookie yet... it's just too cute... but my willpower is fading quickly. Her cookies are the best.


Baby Blue

Esmé Blue was born one week ago today - we are all happy and healthy, over-joyed, in love, and maybe a little sleepy.


San Pedro Designer Kelley Hart's HUGE Sale!

If you're in the LA area, please head over to San Pedro to check out this sale -- I caught a sneak peak earlier in the week ~ great finds at a great discount!

Click here for more info.

This Sat & Sun from 12-5
1367 W. 10th St. San Pedro, CA 90832



To celebrate the rainy days both behind us and forth-coming here in Long Beach, we have discounted some merchandise even more! I found myself spending a lot more time online doing some "window shopping" - if you're in the same boat I hope you'll find some good deals in the shop!

Check out our Sale section.


Heirloom Baby Bonnets by Kelley Hart

I finally got some great new merchandise listed in the shop.

One of my very favorite baby gifts for a baby girl. A baby bonnet made by hand in San Pedro, CA by Kelley Hart - made of beautiful vintage linens and pretty ribbons. I imagine this is something that can be kept for years and tucked into that grown-up baby's wedding dress... what a sweet life for a baby bonnet.

Each one is one of a kind - we have three styles in stock, and once they're gone, they're gone! Find them here.

To sweeten this gift idea, we are offering free shipping on these bonnets.


Valentine's Day Goodies

It seems like my list of Valentines grows every year.... I make new friends, have my pals from years back, kiddos I've fallen in love with, and then there's the fact I keep having babies!

A dear friend Aimee makes these heart change purses out of vinyl, I just adore them to bits and they're super sweet for a Valentine to a girlfriend, sister or kiddo.

Another cute valentine gift: this Sea Horse Felt Brooch... LOVE THIS! So cute!

And for your baby girl valentine, this sweet kimono outfit!

Happy Valentine's Day Shopping!!


This isn't LA rain...

... this is real rain. Like we had in Cincinnati. The good stuff. Only trouble is, Los Angeles isn't made to take this rain. The sandy soil won't absorb it, the drains become clogged with debris because there's rarely much water to wash through. Sadly, storm drains seems to be used more for sprinkler run-off than actual rain.

Well, the dark clouds and chilly days are welcome here, we've made the best of it and actually enjoy seeing the weather. Sadly, some friends have had flooding, and many people are actually having some serious property damage, which we feel sad about.

On a personal note - this rain has made me very lazy with posting new merchandise on the website, or posting here on the blog.

Being mere weeks away from meeting our baby girl isn't keeping me motivated, either, at least not for working. In between naps, I'm getting things in order, trying to anyway, and focusing on what's happening here at home.

It's been quite a transition, going from working in the store to here at home. It's easier, for me, to work away from home. When I'm at work, I work. But when I'm at home, I'm trying to work while pretending to be Luke Skywalker and listening to endless renditions of made-up songs about every single object in our home. Good fun indeed! But not conducive for getting much done.

So, friends, thanks for sticking with me! I have some cute stuff for Valentine's Day which I will hopefully share with you in the next few days! Under $10, too!

And if anyone has great photos of the storm send them to me to post here! It's really amazing to see how Long Beach has transformed during the storm!

Photo from the Beautiful Staci B!


Vintage Art Bookplates

Just listed on the website!

Made by Long Beach’s own Silly Goose Creations. Adorable vintage artwork on self-stick bookplates. Your or your child’s name can be written on the bookplates to personalize the family library.

Bookplates come packaged in a set of 12, as pictured.

Click here for more info.


Another Episode of: When Kids Dress Themselves.

This is one of my favorite things about being their Mom.


Adding lots of fun stocking stuffers today!!

Play food, hair accessories, and toy cars, oh my!

Don't forget local yokels, free delivery for ya!


Great Success at the Preschool Boutique

Thanks to the friends, neighbors and families at the preschool who came to shop at our two day boutique! We raised over $400 for the WomenShelter of Long Beach! I had a great time, and did some really fun shopping! See ya next year!


New Poll

In an effort to be more connected and conversation-ey with you friendly faceless readers out there... I put up a little poll on the right hand side of this page. See it? Right over there --->

Put in your vote to my pointless conversation!

stocking stuffer: organic bamboo filled fabric blocks

These beautiful, heirloom quality blocks are made with beautiful quilted fabric & organic bamboo batting. Bamboo is naturally anti-microbial, so this is a great thing to allow baby to gnaw on without worrying about germs, toxins or other nasties getting into her system.

They are machine washable, and just air dry them to last from infancy through toddler-hood, and beyond.

Also make darling nursery decor!

Find them here.

These are the last two... we sold out of the rest - a great stocking stuffer!


New: Organic Onesies by Simple Syrup

We've been selling out of baby clothes like crazy... just more proof that this recession is making a lot of babies!

We're happy to oblige, by getting in some beautiful, bold and very one-of-a-kind onesies by Simple Syrup. Artist Danielle Duer uses her amazing artwork to print these organic onesies, with eco-friendly inks.

See more of her art here
See and buy the shirts here

Handmade Holiday

There is a great e-magazine over at Little Miss Heirlooms, and I was a guest contributor for the premier issue! I am not tech savvy enough to post my word document layouts with the snazzy links that I sent to her here, sadly... so I just copied the text for you to read. Here you go!

Last week I thoughtfully penned my Christmas shopping list. I will not, however, be heading to the mall the day after Thanksgiving. (okay I never had the gusto for that, but you get my drift.) I will be taking my cash directly to the craft fairs.

I hit the farmers market for some gourmet breads and local honey and jam. My mama friends will get some swanky writing papers and embossed snazzy pencils from a local crafter, picked up at a craft fair.

The kids have gotten some amazing toys, like the toy barn lovingly hand-crafted in North Carolina by Etsy seller Stevens Creations, and hand-knit doll clothes made by the mother of a local art gallery owner.

why buy handmade?

it’s more fun. I have a much better time with my family being outside, slowly perusing vendors, enjoying local eats, than dragging the clan to the mall. Trying to park, trying to hear each other over the roar along the cavernous, endless marble floors.
I buy cooler stuff. Beautiful, interesting things that my friends and family hadn’t seen before.
I support a neighbor. I love getting a chance to meet the person behind the craft. It makes it more personal, and allows me to tell a cool story to whomever I’ve given the gift.
people love getting something unique. It gives them a chance to shine!

More good info at

Where Do I Go?
Featuring over 170,000 sellers, you can search for any item and likely find it.

Indie Fixx.
This site is like an 'indie mall' featuring a juried mix of designers & boutiques.

Shop Handmade.
One stop Handmade shopping.

Near You:
Craft Fairs. They are popping up in most major cities. Our local Patchwork Craft Fair has over 60 handmade vendors all in one location. Also check for small events at churches, non-profits, and schools. You never know what you might find!

I also made a gift guide. Here is the image, but of course the links don't work... not tech savvy, remember... I'm learning...

For anyone who loves yummies.
Snowflake cookies by Sugar Cookie Couture.

For her.
Hydrangea ring by Patrick Irla Jewelry.

For him.
Custom initial cufflinks by Conjured Memories

For baby.
Eco-spun felt shoes from theOutfit.

For the cool high-schooler.
iPod/iPhone case from L'atelier de Luluu.

For the home.
“best before” porcelain vase from Ricochet Studio

The e-magazine can be seen here. I wanted to share my layout, because it looks a little different than what was published and I was a little bit excited that I made it look decent with my limited know-how! Ha! There are some great items to check out, and some generous discounts to super cute online stores. Be sure to check out the Food For Thought Challenge.