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Handmade Holiday

There is a great e-magazine over at Little Miss Heirlooms, and I was a guest contributor for the premier issue! I am not tech savvy enough to post my word document layouts with the snazzy links that I sent to her here, sadly... so I just copied the text for you to read. Here you go!

Last week I thoughtfully penned my Christmas shopping list. I will not, however, be heading to the mall the day after Thanksgiving. (okay I never had the gusto for that, but you get my drift.) I will be taking my cash directly to the craft fairs.

I hit the farmers market for some gourmet breads and local honey and jam. My mama friends will get some swanky writing papers and embossed snazzy pencils from a local crafter, picked up at a craft fair.

The kids have gotten some amazing toys, like the toy barn lovingly hand-crafted in North Carolina by Etsy seller Stevens Creations, and hand-knit doll clothes made by the mother of a local art gallery owner.

why buy handmade?

it’s more fun. I have a much better time with my family being outside, slowly perusing vendors, enjoying local eats, than dragging the clan to the mall. Trying to park, trying to hear each other over the roar along the cavernous, endless marble floors.
I buy cooler stuff. Beautiful, interesting things that my friends and family hadn’t seen before.
I support a neighbor. I love getting a chance to meet the person behind the craft. It makes it more personal, and allows me to tell a cool story to whomever I’ve given the gift.
people love getting something unique. It gives them a chance to shine!

More good info at

Where Do I Go?
Featuring over 170,000 sellers, you can search for any item and likely find it.

Indie Fixx.
This site is like an 'indie mall' featuring a juried mix of designers & boutiques.

Shop Handmade.
One stop Handmade shopping.

Near You:
Craft Fairs. They are popping up in most major cities. Our local Patchwork Craft Fair has over 60 handmade vendors all in one location. Also check for small events at churches, non-profits, and schools. You never know what you might find!

I also made a gift guide. Here is the image, but of course the links don't work... not tech savvy, remember... I'm learning...

For anyone who loves yummies.
Snowflake cookies by Sugar Cookie Couture.

For her.
Hydrangea ring by Patrick Irla Jewelry.

For him.
Custom initial cufflinks by Conjured Memories

For baby.
Eco-spun felt shoes from theOutfit.

For the cool high-schooler.
iPod/iPhone case from L'atelier de Luluu.

For the home.
“best before” porcelain vase from Ricochet Studio

The e-magazine can be seen here. I wanted to share my layout, because it looks a little different than what was published and I was a little bit excited that I made it look decent with my limited know-how! Ha! There are some great items to check out, and some generous discounts to super cute online stores. Be sure to check out the Food For Thought Challenge.

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