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Moment of Clarity.

I had one moment of enlightenment. I was thinking... This is the first time I'm not working. Ever. Since I got my first job at the Gap when I was 15 at the Tri-County Mall in a Cincinnati suburb. Wow.

"Full Time Mom" is a nomenclature that confuses me. Even when a mom is working, at home or away at an office, is she any less a Mom? You can't really be Part-Time. I don't get that. In fact, I don't like it. I've been Full Time Mom since the moment I got pregnant, as far as I can tell! Even if the kids were with Daddy or even a babysitter, they are always at the front of my thoughts. I don't just check out. Most moms are in that same boat. I feel sad knowing there are moms who don't have this way of thinking, really.

I started thinking this because I was filling out paperwork at a new doctor and was asked for my profession. I said "I'm just a Mom." and that sentence made me sad! Just a mom... that really down-plays the whole thing, no? My whole life is mothering! So I tried to think of a new title. Tried to get crafty with it.
Manager of Household Relations.
Minister of Master Scheduling for Residents and Dependants.
Curator of Goings-Ons.

Then, I heard it like chimes... ringing softly in the distance...


I love it! I make home! I give my family a place of security, comfort, love, laughter, learning. We come together to play, to share meals. To learn about living in this world that can be scary and confusing. We teach each other in so many ways. We have our friends in our home, to love, to be loved. It's a beautiful life. I'm so proud.

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