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This isn't LA rain...

... this is real rain. Like we had in Cincinnati. The good stuff. Only trouble is, Los Angeles isn't made to take this rain. The sandy soil won't absorb it, the drains become clogged with debris because there's rarely much water to wash through. Sadly, storm drains seems to be used more for sprinkler run-off than actual rain.

Well, the dark clouds and chilly days are welcome here, we've made the best of it and actually enjoy seeing the weather. Sadly, some friends have had flooding, and many people are actually having some serious property damage, which we feel sad about.

On a personal note - this rain has made me very lazy with posting new merchandise on the website, or posting here on the blog.

Being mere weeks away from meeting our baby girl isn't keeping me motivated, either, at least not for working. In between naps, I'm getting things in order, trying to anyway, and focusing on what's happening here at home.

It's been quite a transition, going from working in the store to here at home. It's easier, for me, to work away from home. When I'm at work, I work. But when I'm at home, I'm trying to work while pretending to be Luke Skywalker and listening to endless renditions of made-up songs about every single object in our home. Good fun indeed! But not conducive for getting much done.

So, friends, thanks for sticking with me! I have some cute stuff for Valentine's Day which I will hopefully share with you in the next few days! Under $10, too!

And if anyone has great photos of the storm send them to me to post here! It's really amazing to see how Long Beach has transformed during the storm!

Photo from the Beautiful Staci B!

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