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Closing Shop

Esmé Blue, 3 weeks old

Now that I'm getting to know baby Blue, I can't imagine missing any moment of her wonder, her sadness, or her adventures. Seeing Elliette, now 4 1/2, and Emmett, coming up on 3, learn so much so fast is something I can't even fathom not being 100% involved in.

So, this is the end. For now, at least.

And there's more to the story, I'll share for those interested.

When Emmett was, say 9ish months old, I realized I could do it! Read the beginning here.
It was fun. I loved being in the store, I loved sharing the space with The Kids...

Then last year I found out we were to be a family of 5. I had big plans for the Outfit. But I left it in the hands of the Big Man and it became clear I should leave the store. But the website remained. I hoped it would keep the momentum I had built over the short time of being in business. Truth is, it didn't. The "interweb" threw me a learning curve I couldn't work around (seriously, folks, my Mom and her iPhone are waaay ahead of me in the tech world. I use a paper receipt book for goodness' sake!)

But more than that, I didn't enjoy working on the computer. I don't like it, other than blogging here and there, and checking the other great blogs I love to read, and "window shopping" leisurely. You get the point. I have no contact with customers, I don't get the personal connection. I had one customer call me for help with a gift and that was the one sale that made me smile and put a spring in my step. I decided, this isn't for me. I was taking time away from the family, and for naught.

So here we are.

The good news, for you, is that things are marked down a whole lot - and the good news will be for me if you, dedicated & loving population, buy it!

I'm sure I'll use this blog for other personal endeavors up-coming. We're thinking we may do limited runs of T-shirts or other printed goods, maybe for the home, even. So you'll hear from us again. Until then, enjoy the sweet sounds of the squawk of the Bluebird.

With love,



bethany said...

You have the best and most important job in the world.
Take care and enjoy your wonderful family.

KLT said...

Ah... congrats! Enjoy your family Angie! Best wishes always....

Kenziepoo said...

You will be missed!

Christina said...

Esme is an absolute doll! Seriously can't wait for the kids to grow up and play together. You have done an amazing job with The Outfit and I am so thrilled with everything you do. Will post up on Modern Frill and Long Beach Modern about the sale asap. Hopefully we can come out of the babybubble soon and have a visit.