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New Book: Grow - An Environmentally Friendly Book

I am so excited to have this book. I always scour for handmade books and shoes... both are hard to find!

This is a kids book, developed for kids age 2-5 by KJ Bradley and Alyson Beaton, and illustrated by Alyson Beaton. It takes the reader through the average day, and touches on elements of living an environmentally responsible life. This is a great way to start conversations with kids about living in a way that is environmentally sound. The pages are simple, colorful and engaging. A single word such as "eat" or "share" along with a very modern yet whimsical illustration adorn the pages.

What I'm excited about is that this book was created in Chicago using the most environmentally responsible methods available, using vegetable inks and recycled paper. All books are hand-bound. They are "board" books, as the pages are sturdy and can withstand daily kiddo reading.

To purchase go here. **Free Shipping through Sept 30th**

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