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Little Lovables

Lisa Aaron of Little Loveables makes a little bit of everything. She is a hairstylist and a stay at home mom of two very young kids. (Who isn't around here!? Welcome, Lisa, glad to have you in the ranks... safety in numbers!) Lisa and her puppeteer husband live in Texas. We're excited to feature some of her best sellers at the Outfit.

Paper Bag Scrapbooks are a great baby shower gift - the scrapbook comes all made and ready to fill in, with cute little pockets, flaps and hidden treasures to customize it to be your own.

Felt brooches feature kid and mom friendly motifs such as flowers, seahorses and owls.

Hand appliqued T's for little girls are one of a kind, comfy and super fun.

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Little Lovables said...

I hope you like these and they find some new homes :)