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Smiley Jones on modeco kids blog

One of my favorite blogs is modeco kids, which is written by creator and artist of Sweetbeets, Lisa.
Lisa often features an "etsy favorites" article, which is super fun! This article features some very fun and playful overalls by Smiley Jones. We love to see word spreading for our favorite designers!
the Outfit received a shipment from Smiley Jones a few weeks ago, and I have neglected to write about them! 
Smiley Jones is the work of Corey Grayhorse in Providence, Rhode Island. Corey and her husband have a little girl who is the muse for Smiley Jones. Her little dresses and jumpers are what we sell at the Outfit, and they are amazing. She uses vintage fabrics and with fun, bright buttons, they are sure to make a little girl the belle of a ball.

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