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The First Arrivals: Boutique Girl, Sweetbeets, Sugar Flower, Popsalops


The post man, Oscar,  may have let Elliette down by not delivering that beloved red Netflix envelope with 101 Dalmatians, but, he did give me a grin by bringing the first round of shipments for the Outfit shop!

Bib and Burpcloth sets from Boutique Girl are so cute, cozy, and the bibs are generously sized, which, I have learned, will save many an outfit from a week long oxy clean soak.

And more fun, with some fun heart barrettes and a beautiful hand-knit newborn baby set from Little Dots Boutique. The knit set is made by Cris's mom in Europe. The vest is absolutely amazing, and everyone I show it to has said, WOW. It's that simple and lovely.

Some fun fun fun cards from the oh so darling Sweetbeets. I actually squeeled with delight, and I wasn't a bit embarresed to tell the artist, Lisa, about my happy little moment today.

My dear friend Angie Williams, who helped deliver Elliette it should be noted, brought over some embroidered organic cotton bibs, some felt play food, the Gidget Doll - Gidget is her 10 month old, and Emmett's girlfriend - and more will be on the way!

Photos will be posted ASAP....

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