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Diapers on the site! Yay!

All In One cloth diapers are the perfect introduction to cloth diapering. Such a good introduction, in fact, you’ll never need a different diaper!

These diapers are all one piece, no stuffing, pinning, or covers are needed. Just put it on baby, wash, and use again!

Give your baby a stash of beautiful, economical, absorbent, leak-proof modern cloth diapers that are effective, save money, and are fun to use! Eli Monster cloth diapers have a soft suedecloth interior that wicks moisture away from baby’s skin, a super absorbant microcloth internal soaker, a waterproof PUL layer and an extremely cute print outer layer. Aplix (Velcro) closures give diapers almost unlimited flexibility in fit (they even have some extra loop tape to one flap for those ultra-skinny babies). Incredibly easy to use; these diapers can be called “daddy proof.”

This is a trim-fitting diaper, not bulky or thick. I have used these diapers for my kiddo and love how easy they are to use, and how super-cute they are!

If you would like additional information on cloth diapers, please email me at WeAreTheOutfit for an e-brochure that has lots of useful information.

To purchase, go here.

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Amanda said...

That is one super cute nappy there!!!