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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

I'm a mother, I have a mother, and I think Mother's Day is fun. I love the flowers, the brunches, the hand-made cards...

We have some handmade gift ideas for you, for your mother, for your child...

This T-Shirt by Mom is great, it's a way for your kiddo to honor you each time it's worn! The buttons spell out "mom wow" - very darling. We have sizes for girls ages 6-10. Click here to buy.

This is a modern and fashionable mom necklace, hand-made by Long Beach mom Whitney Hill of Bel Kai Designs. I love these, and there are other styles here.

A pre-made baby book will help a new mama keep track of those first darling moments - these are made for you, just affix photos, and fill in your own stories.

For the outdoors type, game-loving mom, how about this hand-fashioned Mini Bocce Set? The set also includes a tic tac toe game. Checkers is a classic, and who doesn't love to play with paper dolls?

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