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Sweetbeets Letterpress Art Cards

I call these "art cards" because they really do show like art. They're beautiful, not just in the sweetness of the image, the harmony of the colors, the texture of the hand-pressed print... but the emotions they evoke. These give me glimpses into my childhood, into my children's daily lives; moments I want to hold onto forever.

Might I suggest giving a matted 8x10 frame along with this card to your gift recipient - an instant piece of nursery art!

Three styles are available now at theOutfit shop in Long Beach.

Sweetbeets Cards are hand-made in Canada on recycled paper using eco-friendly inks. Mother and artist Liza Zuraw also has a great blog: - a very fun read.

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sweetbeets said...

Thanks so much Angie for featuring Sweetbeets today! I'm very honored!!