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Gift Sets from Kumquat

I'm happy to get a chance to work with Angelyn of Kumquat. Based out of Los Angeles, mother of one sweet little girl, Angelyn designs and manufactures Kumquat with the help of family and friends.

I first met Angelyn when Elliette was a baby, through a co-worker of Mark's who is Angelyn's cousin... one of those things... Elliette was model for Kumquat, and then later on so was Emmett!

the Outfit has three great styles of Gift Sets, packaged in a cute take-out container and ready for gift giving. Both of my kids had extensive Kumquat wardrobes, and they were among the most favorite outfits. They are great quality, and will become treasured heirlooms or hand-me-downs in great shape for the younger baby or cousin.

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