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Raise your voice in support of hand-made toys!

I've been so happy to have hand-made, unique, interesting and fun toys at the Outfit! These fun items are made using non-toxic, natural materials. I take comfort in knowing that they are free from harmful chemicals, and they come from the hands of a talented crafter in America. But, there is a very real chance that next year, these toys will no longer be available.

Remember last year the big explosion of problems occuring with toys made in China? The US government is making laws in 2009 to ensure safer toys are being imported from over-seas manufacturers. That's great for the mass-produced toys, but what about the artists and crafters making things by hand in their homes? Under the pending guidelines, they will be subject to the same rigorous and costly testing.

Toy crafters and independant retailers such as myself are encouranging everyone to contact your local congressperson and senator asking that the pending legislation be amended to ensure that these local, independant toymakers are not driven out of business. You can get more info at this website, including sample letters and a link to easily locate your local representatives. Letters must be submitted by Jan. 30th.

Please take a moment out of your busy day to help support independant crafters and retailers alike. has information on the issue, and allows you to cast your vote to let Obama know what you'd like to see happen once he's in office. Just click on the image to the right at the top of this page to go directly to the website to cast your vote, or click here.

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