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Cloth Diapers from Eli Monster

I love these cute diapers... they are "all in one" diapers, which means that there is no insert - it's all one piece. There's nothing to prep and nothing to do other than put the diaper on your baby, and that's that. When it's time for washing, just fold over the velcro tabs and throw in the wash.

They are made of soft micro-terry, which draws moisture away from baby's skin, with absorbent layers inside to hold the wetness. The outer layer is waterproof PUL. No covers, no pins are necessary.

These are very easy to care for, and perfect for anyone who wants to try out cloth diapers as an eco-friendly and cost-saving alternative to disposable diapers.

For more info on cloth diapers, email me at for an e-brochure.

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