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We are all connected.

It's crazy out there right now. You know what I mean.

And it's hitting close to home: One of our beloved designers was hit by Hurrican Ike - she is so positive through this process it really is so inspiring to me. Another dear designer will be taking her daughter in for a major surgery very soon, and again, I see her power, her ability to keep moving, and I feel so proud of her, of all of us, of moms and dads, of all of us who are determined to weather the storm.

My thoughts and prayers are with the above mentioned families.

And a reminder to any of us who are hiding under the sink, afraid to look out there for fear of the bad news -- one way to help everyone through this is to keep going out! Go out to eat at an independantly owned cafe. Do some early holiday shopping at boutiques in your neighborhood, and buy items made by small companies, here in our land. By being a community, we can pull through this. The newsman told me again today: this financial crisis is going to stick around for awhile. We have to adjust our way of living, but not stop living. Just live simply, and close to home.

It gives me great joy to know that the purchases made at the Outfit will directly impact a family in our extended community! And dare I say it... "hang in there, kitty!"

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