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The Outfit & Built In Pittsburgh

Well, it's finally happened. We've joined forces. Sort of.

Let me back up. About 25 years ago there was a fateful meeting... a little girl in a sundress lived across the street from me. I had just moved to the street in Hamilton, Ohio - Liberty Woods Drive is the street name. So, to make a long story short, Jami Shelton and I have been able to stay connected after all these years, many moves, a few spats and one wedding. (mine.)

I'm in awe of Jami, as a woman, an artist, and friend, and am so happy to get a chance to work with her. She did the sewing. And the designing. She pretty much did it all, but has agreed to pretend I did something, too, I guess to make me look good. Ah, she's so sweet. These bloomers are an off-shoot of a pair she made for Elliette when she was born, and wore for half of her first year of life. They come in 3-6 month up to 4T and each pair is completely unique and original. Bloomers are the perfect underpinning for a cute dress, but also look super fun with a tank for summer livin'. These are soft cotton with plenty of ruffled lace and ribbon trim.

Jami works in Pittsburgh along side her friend Jake, dog Jasper and she's also re-building a house.

Jami has some of the most amazing stories and mis-adventures of all the people I know. But that's a totally separate blog, I'll leave that up to her. in the mean time, I live vicariously through her, seeing the world and all that thrives in it.

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