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1 Girl 1 Boy

I'm really excited to have 1Girl 1Boy in the shop. Stacy and Mark live in Philladelphia, PA 
This blurb is from their About Page:

"1Girl is me, Stacy. I design, dye, print and sew. 1Boy is my husband, Mark. He mixes inks, cuts blocks, watches our 2 kids when I need to get things done and most of all he motivates me. 1Girl 1Boy are also our 4 year old daughter & 3 year old son. They exhaust us, challenge us, inspire us and remind us to look with wonder at the world."

the Outfit carries the Seadiver Tees and the Chickadee at our Santa Ana location.  Hopefully we'll grow to carry the entire collection. A lot of people make t shirts, but not many are this spectacular.

Stacy and Mark hand-dye the shirts, cut blocks, hand-print the shirts, sew appliques, and even make cool tags.

They are really one to watch --- a great example of being a mom-n-pop operation, raising the kids, making cool, cool stuff, and being very active in their community. 

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