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KLT Works

What made me have my design crush on KLT Works wasn't just the fact that Kristin is obviously in love with her son, Sayer, or the fact that Sayer sounds so much like Saylor, or the fact that cute little animals are all over the place in her line, or the fact that she is truly doing something dear to her.... it's all of those things, and the long-legged bird on the shirt. Really, that bird just got me. Those long legs look so familiar to me... (Those of you who have seen my dad or my dear Mark will know why long legs might just seem so safe.)
These shirts are printed using original artwork by Kristin Loffer Theiss. The owl and the nest shirts were printed using a thread drawing she does - clever! The onesies come pre-packaged and ready to give to that special half-pint in your life.
The limited edition prints are also a fun and whimsical way to dress up a nursery. These are in editions of 250, re-printed from the original works.

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