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The Wee Little Shop That Could. Errr, I mean... That WILL.

Hello, all. Here one quick snapshot of the shop set-up. See, really! A bookcase! 

That bookcase back there is the Outfit Shop. The rest of the beautiful shop is The Kids are Alright. These humble beginnings are going to be great someday. I feel it. The goodness of all of our efforts, our hearts and souls - all together it's a force to be reckoned with, I reckon. 
As we progress (sign up, all merchandise on display) I'll post more updates on the shop.And some close-ups. I had a problem with the files being corrupted, this is all that was saved. 

 We're getting there!
I feel pretty good about where we are, considering my goal was to have it open by April 1! Yay!!
The big event is next Saturday, April 5th. I am really excited. Elliette asks about the Party. That's my girl - she loves a good party, and never leaves the snack table.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations Angie on getting your shop set up and open before your goal date! Looks great! I love how you've displayed some of the clothes by hanging select pieces on the side of the bookshelf. Best wishes for your grand opening next weekend!